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This book is dedicated to all those, everywhere, who have sought the secret and the power of the drum...Written in English, Haitian Creole, and French  "Ti Sonson ak Pouvwa Tanbou" is a story that helps you to open your heart, to open your ears and to let the vibrations of our ancestors speak to you while discovering  a bit off  the mountains of Fort Jacques in Haiti.

This CD contains the storytelling of the book in Haitian Creole by Johny Pierre, English by Richard Janke, and French by Romain Charles. Original songs written and sung by Florencia Pierre and Djenane Saint Juste. Remix by Nisky Saga and voice by Jimmy Diligent, Dyune Roberta Louis, and Beauvois Anilus. Haitian Drumming by Beauvois Anilus and Ghanaian Drumming by Christian Adeti. Interviews by Welele Doubout and Simeon Jerome. Recording and arrangement by DarcThePro & ASM entertainment and Joe-Nick Studio.

Ti Sonson Ak Pouvwa Tanbou - Bundle (Book + CD)

SKU: TisonsonBundle
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