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Ti Sonson ak Pouvwa Tanbou

Ti Sonson and The Powers of The Drum

Ti Sonson et Les Pouvoirs du Tambour

Book + CD by Djenane Saint Juste

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The Author

Djenane Saint Juste



Djenane Saint Juste was born and raised in Haiti where she lived in Port-au-Prince, but rooted in Gonave Island. Then she also lived in Petion-Ville and Thomassin 48. At the age of six, she took her first step onto the stage as a member of Viviane Gauthier's dance troupe, an experience that ignited her love for dance and inspired her to become the star dancer in the JAKA dance troupe, founded by her mother, Mrs. Florencia Pierre ("Fofo"). Since then, Djenane has continued to delve deeper into the world of dance, music, theater, and more.


In 2003, Djenane won first place in beauty, intelligence and talent at the “Miss Videomax” pageant in Haiti and then at the “Miss Caribe” pageant in Cuba. Her journey of cultural self-discovery led her to develop new artistic skills through collaborations with various companies, both in Haiti and abroad, ultimately making her a versatile dance teacher and artist.


In 2005, Djenane earned a degree in Physical Education and Sports from Escuela Internacional de Educación Física y Deporte, in Havana, Cuba. In 2009, Djenane relocated to California, United States, and has since lived in the U.S., dedicated to sharing her profound love and knowledge of Haitian culture with all those eager to learn.

In 2017, she furthered her academic pursuits by attaining a master's degree in Education from the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota. She currently resides in Minnesota’s Twin Cities with her family, including her bright son, Hassen Ortega ("HTO"), her beloved mother,
Florencia Pierre ("Fofo"), and her mischievous dogs, Dodger and Remi.

Djenane is the founder and artistic director of AFOUTAYI, the Haitian Dance, Music, and Arts Company in the Twin Cities. Her passion for preserving and promoting Haitian culture has prompted her to embark on a journey as an author, aiming to inspire children to embrace the joy of dance, drumming, singing, and cherishing their own stories while exploring the rich tapestry of Haitian culture. She also hopes that her books will motivate readers to delve into their own heritage, regardless of their origins, and take pride in their identities.

To connect with Djenane and explore her work, please visit her website at and follow her using the hashtags #afoutayidmaco, #djenanesaintjuste, #djenanesaintjustehaititopmodel, and #tisonsonakpouvwatanbou.

You'll also find Djenane's writings on Platfòm MIT-Ayiti at http://MIT-Ayiti.NET

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This book is dedicated to all those, everywhere, who have sought the secret and the power of the drum...Written in English, Haitian Creole, and French  "Ti Sonson ak Pouvwa Tanbou" is a story that helps you to open your heart, to open your ears and to let the vibrations of our ancestors speak to you while discovering  a bit off  the mountains of Fort Jacques in Haiti.

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Meet the Team

Thank you for contributing your expertise, energy, and time to this project; I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

Ti Sonson ak Pouvwa Tanbou

Afoutayi Haitian Dance, Music, and Arts Company Presented "Ti Sonson and the Powers of the Drum", extracted from the trilingual children's book of Djenane Saint Juste at The FALL FORWARD FESTIVAL 2023 at The Cowles Center in Minneapolis. This story brought to life by Afoutayi’s artists is a bright spark, highlighting joy and resilience in Haitian culture. In this piece, different aspects of Haitian culture and its connection with the African continents was presented through the life of Ti Sonson, the main character of the book who loves “Tanbou” drums. Tanbou was one of the first mediums of mass communication in Ayiti; “Tanbou” is also an instrument of peace and healing underlying all community gatherings.

Choreography: Djenane Saint Juste/ Traditional outfits: Florencia Pierre/ Photos: Sam Wiebe.

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