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Afoutayi Dance, Music and Arts company produces high quality events dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of Haitian culture, history and traditional arts. Its mission is to inspire and educate youth of all ages to celebrate the mosaic of Haitian traditional culture through dance, percussion, song, and storytelling.

Established in California, Afoutayi relocated to Minnesota in 2014 and continues to offer master classes, youth workshops, and performances throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota area. Konbit: the power of the community coming together in solidarity.  Whether you want to take a class, attend an event, volunteer, or donate, we welcome your interest and support!


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Traditional Haitian Dance is a living cultural art form connected to spirituality of the Lwa, or deities of the Haitian Vodou religion. Dance connects the Haitian people to their spiritual and cultural heritage, having been passed down through lineages of African and Indigenous ancestry. This traditional form is kept alive through the ritual music, dance and song of Haitian Vodou ceremonies, and is a creative and organic way to help people express their emotions and find balance through movement and music. 


Onè ak respè


"Born Dancing, Literally": Interview with KFAI's MinneCulture
"In 2010, an earthquake shook Haiti, killing at least 200,000 people. In response, some Minnesota couples adopted Haitian children. That inspired a mother-daughter dance team to move to the state and lead Afoutayi, a dance company dedicated to Haitian culture. KFAI's Anna Stitt reports."
November 2018


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May 18, 2021
Haitian Flag Day celebration
Minneapolis, Minn.
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